Frank Deiter is widely known as the man who kick-started modern craft distilling in British Columbia, Canada.


Frank founded Okanagan Spirits Distilling in 2004 and quickly gained international recognition as a master distiller. He has resigned as President and Master Distiller of Okanagan Spirits Distilling in 2011.


Since that time, he continues to pursue other interests in the craft distilling industry as an independent consultant and instructor in the art of Craft Distilling. He has always stayed closely connected to the trade he loves. Frank has mentored several successful start-ups.


Since 2004. Frank Deiter has worked together with Mueller Pot Stills, one of the leading pot still manufacturers in Germany, and now represents Mueller in the North American market, selling and handling their products into this growing craft distilling market. 


Valuing the importance of providing excellent customer service, I make it my number one priority during the sales, delivery, installation, and other components of the purchase. I’m here to provide you, my customer a seamless transition from start to finish, to get you started on your craft-distilling journey.


Finest German quality, workmanship and advanced distilling technology. You can see the passion, dedication, and hours of work that went into crafting each still. Muller develops and manufactures small distillery units, with craft distillery plants that are particularly suitable for the production of fully aromatic spirits from fruit, berries, grapes and grape pomace. Every unit is individually planned and built accordingly to the customer's wishes as well as the spatial conditions.

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Frank Deiter

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I was moments away from purchasing a still unit from another vendor when I came across a Muller advertisement.  On a whim, I called and spoke with Mr Frank Dieter who, in a matter of moments, had me convinced that Muller was for me. 


The ordering process was exceptionally easy as was shipping, receiving, installation, start-up, and continued use of the system, all because of Frank's incredible customer service and his genuine dedication to helping his client's succeed.  At some point I simply stopped viewing Frank as a vendor and now consider him my friend upon whom I can trust for continued advise and support. To top it off, the still and accompanying equipment is the best unit I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  My next still(s) will undoubtedly be Muller.  ​

—  Blake Ragghianti






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